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The Garda cycle path at a stone's throw

Suspended in the enchantment of the blue, a hotel between the water and the sky

It’s all a matter of distance. When you are faced with the spectacle of a panorama from the top of a mountain, it’s not the same thing as being immersed in it. The Hotel Splendid Palace provides a bicycle rental service, so you can pedal your way to some amazing places.

The Limone sul Garda cycle path for cyclists and pedestrians runs along the ridge for 2.5 km towards Riva del Garda, overhanging the water. From Capo Reamol, just a few steps from the Hotel Splendid Palace, this route (suitable for everyone) is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the thrill of wonder in the delightful panoramic view. 2.5 km to Pescarol and the balcony on the lake that serves as a monument to the workers who died during the construction of the historic Gardesana Occidentale road.

When you return, besides an indelible memory, you will be left with an inexhaustible desire for the present moment. Meanwhile, the lake will have turned what was always more of a hunch into a feeling.